About us

Jubah, Kurta, T-shirt or orther acessories are fantastic medium for people to express what they like, who they are and what they can identify with.


No other medium is as strong expression of individul In today’s society, tendencies from international fashion world and numerous trends from different street cultures are mixed at a furious pace.


Since we have our own designer and our own production, we manage to keep high quality level of design on our products and prints for a price that allow customers to let their taste make the decision rather than the size of their wallet!.


Your favourite apparel should be your personal statement, that’s is why we focus on a new designs and prints, produce in a small limited runs and deliver new designs within a week! Insha allah.


This means that there is no longer a single dominant style, instead thousands of different styles co-exist. Brigadecrew aims to be part of this diversified cultures and society.


Through our own co-operation with various underground artists and deisgners with diverse backgrounds and creative training school, we create the platform that transform creative imagination into a reality.